Homemade Monkey Bread-A Sweet Delight in Every Bite

Prepare yourself for a journey into the world of irresistible sweetness with our Homemade Monkey Bread. Each bite of this delectable treat is a little piece of heaven, offering a perfect harmony of cinnamon, sugar, and buttery goodness. As you embark on the delightful process of making this monkey bread from scratch, envision the warm, gooey layers that pull apart to reveal a symphony of flavors. Whether you’re baking for a special occasion or simply craving a comforting dessert, this recipe promises a sweet delight in every bite. Join us on a culinary adventure and let the aroma of freshly baked goodness fill your kitchen. Get ready to create a masterpiece that will have everyone reaching for seconds. Indulge in the magic of homemade monkey bread and treat your taste buds to a sweet sensation!


To make this Monkey Bread, gather these essential ingredients:

  • Refrigerated biscuit dough (typically comes in cans)
  • Granulated sugar
  • Ground cinnamon
  • Butter
  • Brown sugar
  • Vanilla extract
  • Chopped nuts (optional, for added crunch)
  • Raisins or dried cranberries (optional, for a fruity twist)
  • Cooking spray (for greasing the pan)

Monkey Bread Recipe

  • Preheat your oven to the temperature specified on the biscuit dough can, usually around 350°F (175°C).
  • Grease a Bundt pan or a similar ovenproof dish with cooking spray to prevent sticking.
  • In a large bowl, mix granulated sugar and ground cinnamon. This will be used to coat the biscuit pieces.
  • Open the cans of refrigerated biscuit dough and separate the individual biscuits.
  • Cut each biscuit into quarters. This will give you bite-sized pieces for your Monkey Bread.
  • Roll each biscuit piece into the cinnamon-sugar mixture, ensuring they are well coated.
  • Arrange the coated biscuit pieces in the greased Bundt pan. If you’d like, you can sprinkle in chopped nuts or add raisins/dried cranberries between the layers for extra flavor.
  • In a saucepan, melt butter over low heat. Stir in brown sugar and vanilla extract until it forms a smooth caramel-like sauce.
  • Pour the buttery sauce evenly over the biscuit pieces in the pan.
  • Bake your Monkey Bread in the preheated oven for the time specified on the biscuit dough can, typically around 25-30 minutes or until it’s golden brown and bubbling.
  • Once baked, let it cool for a few minutes in the pan before flipping it onto a serving plate to reveal its gooey, caramelized top.
  • Serve your Monkey Bread warm and let everyone pull apart the sweet, irresistible bites.

Variations and Personalization

Get creative with your Monkey Bread by adding your favorite ingredients like chocolate chips, chopped apples, or a drizzle of icing for extra sweetness.


In conclusion, Monkey Bread is a delightful, pull-apart treat that’s as fun to make as it is to eat. With its gooey caramelized top and layers of cinnamon-sugar-coated biscuit pieces, it’s a sweet indulgence that’s hard to resist.

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